#PrettyPotHeads: The Hashtag Reminding Us That Girls Can Be Stoners Too

Because girls can be stoners, too.

The Hashtag Reminding Us That Girls Can Be Stoners Too

by Alya Mooro |

Miley Cyrus is far from the only female who's been getting vocal about just how much she loves her Mary-Jane. Indeed, Rihanna's long been advocating sprinkles of green on her Instagram feed, and this weekend hashtags #PrettyPotHeads and #GirlsWhoSmokeWeed have been getting a lot of action, with thousands of girls taking to social media to upload pictures of themselves using bongs, pipes and good ol' spliffs to get high.

But far from just a 'because I got high, because I got high, because I got hi-iigh' vibe, the use of marijuana has actually become a lot more relaxed, with four states in the US - Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon - actually legalising it for recreational use.

In the UK however, cannabis is currently still a class B drug. Those found in possession will have the drug confiscated, with a warning written up for first time 'offenders'. It is not until you are caught with marijuana for a third time that you are actually arrested.

Thanks probably in large part to the pop culture image of the stoner - from rapper to Harold & Kumar - talk of stoners usually centers on men. But smoking weed is not gender specific, as these hashtags go some way to proving.

The images go against Instagram's community guidelines, which explicitly forbid posting pictures of 'recreational drug use'. But considering they've also tried to ban nipples (#freethenipple) and that a customary scroll through Instagram sees a whole lot more than a sprinkle of green, we imagine people aren't all too scared about the repurcussions. Unless maybe they result in a deleted account. Even the most laid-back of stoners is gonna feel that one.

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