A Pregnant Dog Posed For A Photoshoot And The Results Were Everything AND MORE

Because who said pregnancy shoots are just for humans and celebrities?

A Pregnant Dog Poses For A Photoshoot And The Results Are Everything AND MORE

by Ruby Norris |
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One hot little dog is proving that pregnancy shoots are not just for celebrities like Mariah Carey and Gisele Bundchen, as Lilica the Brazillian daschshund captured the true meaning of a pregnancy glow in a photoshoot which is literally EVERYTHING.


Posing for photographer Ana Paula Grillo, mum-to-be Lilica looked radiant as she showed off her tiny little doggy baby bump in her garden in Brazil. The daschshund, accessorising with a pearl and pink rose collar, rolled around on the grass, played with her owner and posed proudly on a chair in a photoshoot lasting twenty minutes and which left the photographer feeling a deep connection with the pup, claiming she understood Lilica ‘completely’.

Narrowly avoiding an on-set delivery, Lilica gave birth to five healthy puppies the next day. We’re hoping the pups will follow in their model mum’s fabulous footsteps.

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