Some Of The Most Popular Names In 2016 Are Inspired By This Netflix Series

Three guesses what it is...

Some Of The Most Popular Names In 2016 Are Inspired By This Netflix Series

by Polly Bartlett |
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The most popular baby names of 2016 have been revealed, and it's clear our obsession with Netflix has filtered further into our lives than we thought.

Alongside the usual suspects (Olivia, Emily, Oliver, Noah etc), the list has also seen a pretty huge increase in naming babies after the characters from Stranger Things. To be fair, they are cool af.

Evidently taking 'Netflix and Chill' to new levels, the popularity of the name 'Dustin' has increased by 32%, while 'Mike' is up 28%, and further proof that Winona Ryder has truly reached peak comeback, 'Joyce' is also up by 28%. 'Eleven' failed to make the list, but we can sort of see Kim and Kanye naming their next child 'Twelve'.

Stranger Things wasn't the only series influencing the list however - 'Tyreese' (The Walking Dead) has increased a massive 47%, as well as Herschel (37%) and Carol (18%). Because who doesn't think of baby names while watching flesh-eating zombies?

It's hardly surprising that the most popular names are influenced by TV series when we spend so much time watching them (RIP to all the hours lost watching Gossip Girl reruns). Perhaps the 2017 list will see a resurgence of 'Rory' and 'Lorelai'...

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