These Were 2016’s Most Popular Baby Names

Princess Charlotte

by Katie Rosseinsky |

As the year draws to a close, the most popular names for babies born in 2016 have been revealed - and it looks like the Princess Charlotte effect still has a powerful influence on new parents.

For the second year running, Olivia, Amelia, Charlotte and Ava make up the top four names for girls, according to data gathered by parenting website, while Ezra, Asher, Declan and Atticus take the top slots in the boys list.

While we reported earlier this month that parents were looking to Netflix shows like Stranger Things to inspire their baby names (with retro names like Nancy, Dustin and Joyce experiencing a leap in popularity thanks to their namesake characters), it seems that traditional names are still dominating - though the influence of film, television and our favourite stars is still strong. The Disney princess-inspired Aurora makes the top ten for girls, while Violet and Luna (names chosen by Emily Blunt and Chrissy Teigen respectively for the baby daughters they welcomed in 2016) feature in the top twenty. For boys, meanwhile, Leo is a popular choice - which we're guessing is at least partially down to our favourite Titanic star...

Discover the top twenty baby names for 2016 below...

The 20 most popular baby names for girls in 2016

  1. Olivia

  2. Amelia

  3. Charlotte

  4. Ava

  5. Isla

  6. Isabella

  7. Arabella

  8. Aurora

  9. Mia

  10. Adeline

  11. Eleanor

  12. Penelope

  13. Cora

  14. Rose

  15. Aria

  16. Hazel

  17. Violet

  18. Luna

  19. Claire

  20. Emma

The 20 most popular baby names for boys in 2016

  1. Ezra

  2. Asher

  3. Declan

  4. Atticus

  5. Oliver

  6. Milo

  7. Silas

  8. Jack

  9. Levi

  10. Wyatt

  11. Henry

  12. Jasper

  13. Leo

  14. Elijah

  15. Sebastian

  16. Theodore

  17. Caleb

  18. Ethan

  19. Matthew

  20. Benjamin

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