When Polly Met Harry: 8 Things We Learnt From Grazia’s Interview With One Direction

Things We Learnt From Grazia's Interview With One Direction


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They’re the biggest boy band on the planet - earning £5m each last year. Now they’ve launched their very own perfume, Our Moment. Polly Vernon was treated to a maximum time slot of 15 minutes with Niall Horan and Harry Styles of One Direction to discuss, nipples, sweatpants and having children. You can read the full account in the new issue of Grazia - out now! - but to give you a taster, here's 8 of the best things we learnt about the boys...

1. Harry is ridiculously good-looking

When they meet, it’s a physical effort for Polly not to just gaze at his face. She also realises he’s picked up some tricks in handling journalists. For starters, he speaks very quietly so you're forced to concentrate just a little bit harder on him. He is also inclined to talk fluent corporate-pleasing rhetoric of the ‘we’re just normal teenage boys, can’t believe our luck’ variety.

2. Niall is rather like a hormonal Irish puppy

He's loud and demonstrative and keeps showing Polly his nipples. He’s wearing an incredibly low cut muscle vest, which he periodically tugs down a little further. ‘Nipples!’ Niall says.

3. They had a really good time making the perfume

‘We started with smell,’ says Harry. ‘So we smelled loads of stuff. In Shepherds Bush. In a meeting room. There was like. Bowls. Of stuff.’


4. They smell of comfort

As in fabric softener, not the sensation of physical ease. ‘Or maybe Fabreze,’ Niall says. ‘There’s one for clothes, specifically. I go around with Fabreze. In the wardrobe, shhshhshh…’ He demonstrates a squirting motion. ‘Then. They smell nice.’

5. They're happy that everyone fancies them

‘There’s nothing to complain about. If everyone fancies you,’ says Niall. ‘It’s a bit weird,’ Harry adds. ‘I mean. You never walk around and think: everybody fancies me.’

6. Harry has a thing for trainers

‘I like your trainers, by the way,' he says of Polly's Nike Air Max. 'They’re good.’ Harry buys a lot of running trainers.

One Direction at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards in 2012 [FilmMagic]

7. The constant scrutiny has not made Niall vain (he thinks)

‘I’d say 98% of the paparazzi pictures of me, I look terrible. Really. Because. If I need to go somewhere, I just get in, throw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms; go. So that makes me… not vain. I guess. Does it?’

8. Harry can’t wait to have kids

'I can’t wait. Quite broody. Yeah... I don’t mean right now. I mean. When I eventually have kids, that’s something I’m looking forward to.’

One Direction's debut fragrance for her, 'Our Moment', is now available exclusively at Harrods and will roll out nationwide from 9th September. 'Our Moment' is also available to buy online at www.onedirectionfragrance.com

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