If Politicians Had Man Buns…

If Politicians Had Man Buns...

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Mondays can be tough but we've got just the thing to cheer you up at the end of this grey day.

As with most of these internet sensations, a tweet from @FigDrewton started it all off with a rather entertaining image of Donald Trump rocking a man bun that his comb over could only dream of. It was in response to him taking to Twitter to argue against his opponent Senator Marco Rubio. We must admit that the bun has sidetracked us just a little bit from the issue at hand.

This then led to Design Crowd deciding to host a competition to give world leaders a new hipster look, in the name of a man bun, resulting in frighteningly accurate and hilarious results. It has since caught everyone’s attention, proven by the Buzzfeed list of pun-tastic names (special mention to Kim-Jong Bun).

We've got to say we love a good man bun, as does many an Instagram account - with several dads at Disneyland showing us that parenthood doesn’t mean you have to lose your edgy vibe. Or even our comprehensive guide to the celebrity man bunis worth a look - we suspect that they were the inspo for these hipster-dos.

So take a look at some of the best that we’ve seen so far…

Barack Obama

JKrebs04/Akarvog on DesignCrowd
JKrebs04/Akarvog on DesignCrowd

There have been several versions of the USA’s President out there, and we can’t decide which is our fave. Whichever he chooses to rock, Shoreditch would be sure to welcome him with open arms.

Tony Blair

See Why on DesignCrowd

We love a little bit of texture in our locks, and clearly the designer of Tony’s ‘do agrees - we suspect a heavy usage of dry shampoo or perhaps embracing the current grey hair trend? You decide...

Abraham Lincoln

Bijuak on DesignCrowd

Apparently hipster looks are a thing of the past and this could be the pic to prove it, Abraham's bun looks so at home there. If you love a bit of hair history, take a look at how men’s grooming has changed in 100 years.

David Cameron

DLabduskpro79 on DesignCrowd

Is is bad that this reminds us of Ms Trunchbull from Matilda? Alas, our PM seems to have been given a hair don’t rather than a hair do. We kind of agree that if he were to work a man bun, it would end up a bit like this.

George W. Bush

JKrebs04 on DesignCrowd

Or should we say George W. Braid? This designer gave Bush an impressive man braid, which we’ve spotted as the new trend for your typical scandi-man. Mr Bush seems thrilled with his look, as are we. Probably for different reasons though.

Our next challenge for these designers is the hun …something tells us DavCam might even get that one right.

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