Police Warn Of Kent Clowns On The Loose And Scaring Kids

A school head has sent a message to parents encouraging them to make sure their children don't hang around for too long after school...

Police Warn Of Kent Clowns On The Loose And Scaring Kids

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Apart from a toilet that’s been converted into a gig venue, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells aren’t exactly home to the most vibrant of the UK’s youth culture. That’s presumably why some people – we hope they’re young people, if not it gets a little bit sadder – have been donning clown masks and scaring children outside schools.

Parents of petrified children – who perhaps only like scary things when they're contained within the safe, sweet-laden palatable holiday that is Halloween - have expressed concern. So much so that Hillview School headteacher Elaine Buchanan sent a message home to parents saying: 'Dear parents, It has been brought to our attention that some of our students have been approached in the vicinity on separate occasions... by two people wearing black outfits with white clown masks.

‘We have reported this to the police with whom we are actively working. We are advising students to go straight home after school today and not to loiter about anywhere.’

As for the police? Chief Inspector Dave Pate told The Independent: ‘We are still working to establish whether any offences have been committed. ‘However, I want assure parents that we take the safety of all children very seriously and have extra officers on patrol around schools. I would also ask parents to make sure they remind children how to keep safe.’

Children are also being advised to go home immediately after school and not loiter about nearby.

Can scaring someone be illegal? We’re not sure, but it’s certain that making someone actually shit themselves could land you a public nuisance offence charge. Oh, and if they’re repeat offenders, a harassment charge isn’t far off. Maybe it’s better to keep Halloween to the 31 October.

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