Police Investigate ‘First’ Case Of ‘Cyberflashing’

If this is a crime then, wow, the police are going to get a lot of reports on their hands…

Police Investigate ‘First’ Case Of ‘Cyberflashing’

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Ever been sent a dick pic you didn’t ask for? Or know someone who has been ‘cyberflashed’ like this? Well, just FYI, it’s an actual crime that police seem to be investigating now. For the first time ever, The Metro says.

Lorraine Crighton-Smith, 34, was on a train when a guy used AirDrop to send a couple of dick pics to her phone.


‘I had Apple AirDrop switched on (we all do by accident, right?) and pictures appeared on my screen of a man’s penis, which I was shocked by. I declined the images, but realised somebody nearby was sending them. I felt violated. It was a very unpleasant thing to be forced upon my screen.’

Lorraine reported the incident to the British Transport Police, but one big problem with the report is that because she didn’t accept the images, Lorraine hasn’t got much evidence to present to the authorities.

Superintendent Gill Murray said that this feature was ‘new to us’, and yeah, AirDrop might be a relatively novel way to send dick pics, but it’s hardly as if ‘cyberflashing’ is something new. It’s frustrating that it’s taken so long for men getting their willies out to be considered a problem enough for police to investigate. But now they are, well, we’re all for it. The investigating, that is!

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