Westboro Baptist Church Douchebags Use Pokemon Go To Preach Hate

After one Pokemon Go user dropped their Clefairy off at the WBC centered Pokemon Gym, the homophobic church deemed it a 'sodomite' started fighting back.


by Jess Commons |
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And now, more news from the little game that's saving the summer from being the worst summer that ever happened.

See, Pokemon Go means that many popular meeting places across the US have become 'gyms'. This function of the game unfortunately includes the meeting place of noted homophobic douchelords The Westboro Baptist Church. A 'gym' is essentially a place where players can battle. If you win the battle you can drop your own Pokemon off there as defenders and 'hold' that area for your team.

One player had the bright idea to hold the gym at the Westboro Baptist Church under the defence of Clefairy. If your recollection of which Pokemon is which is a little fuzzy, then allow us to explain - Clefairy is pink, cute and has the word 'fairy' in his name.


Westboro themselves were not happy. They started issuing a whole bunch of nonsensical tweets about Clefairy being a 'sodomite' and a sign that the world is ending.

Then, they got serious. Not only did they recruit Jigglypuff as the anti-Clefairy (check out Jigglypuff's new Westboro Baptist Church themed jingle below), they also brought on board Pikachu and Squirtle and photoshopped them so it looked liked they were holding their horrible hateful signs.

So, what to do? Anyone down in Kansas free to take their Pokemon and wage a full Poke-war on these guys? That would be nice.

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