People With Hidden Health Conditions Finally Have A Badge For The Tube

‘Please offer me a seat’ badges to be rolled out in next six weeks

Please offer me a seat badges

by Rebecca Cope |
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Tube travel is a cut-throat world, with passengers seemingly forgetting all common decency in the scramble for that all-coveted seat. We’ve seen grown men in suits push past young girls in the hopes of plonking their bottom down on the Northern line, as well as old ladies struggling to stand being forced to because everyone in the carriage has their eyes glued to the floor. For the most part, people are quite good at giving up their seat for pregnant women, the elderly and children, but many who have hidden health conditions struggle to voice their need to sit down.

Step in Transport for London, who will trial a new ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge for people with health problems or disabilities that might not be so obvious. Similar to the ‘baby on board’ badges rolled out a few years ago, the new system will hopefully signal easier communication for those afraid to speak up.

Here at Grazia, we’re fully behind the move – especially as it benefits so many people who might otherwise be too nervous or afraid to ask. (There’s also nothing worse than not knowing whether or not you should be giving up your seat – how many tube journeys have been spent in anxious limbo wondering if it would offend someone to offer them a seat?)

One passenger who is excited about the news is cancer patient James McKnaught, who told the BBC that he had created his own ‘cancer on board’ badge while travelling from his home to chemotherapy treatment.

"I'm really pleased TfL is doing this trial," he told the BBC. "A badge and card could help make a real difference to the lives of people undergoing drug treatment or with longer term conditions or disabilities."

The new campaign begins on 12 September with 1,000 people recruited to trial the badges – so if you see someone wearing one, remember, they have good reason to need a seat. Put yourself in their shoes and have a little empathy. And remember, all that tube-surfing is actually great for the core…

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