Playing Gross Pranks On Flatmates Can Land You In Court – In America, At Least

Hayley King, 22, spat and poured cleaning fluids into her flatmate’s food…

Playing Gross Pranks On Flatmates Can Land You In Court – In America, At Least

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Have you ever been at the end of your tether with a flatmate? Annoyed at their dirty habits/loud sex/general inability to be a nice person? Well, in that case, you might want to think twice before taking revenge. Because a girl caught in the act of spitting and pouring cleaning fluid into her flatmate’s food has now been arrested and charged.

Hayley King, 22, had been sharing a flat with some other students at the University of South Carolina, and they hadn’t been getting on well. As Fox59 reports, the girls had ‘multiple altercations leading up to the incident’.

What was the incident? Hayley had been going to the fridge in the shared kitchen, opening it, looking for her flatmates’ food and spitting in it, before even going so far as to pour Windex (which smells like vinegar anyway, right?) into containers of food.

The incident was recorded on a hidden camera – the other women in the flat had asked Hayley to leave and then set up the cameras, believing that she’d react spitefully (talk about a breakdown of trust, right?).

The girls were still horrified to see the footage and one realised that she had eaten some of the messed-up food.

The footage has now been handed over to police, who investigated and arrested and charged Hayley for unlawful, malicious tampering with human drug product or food.

She’s allegedly admitted the offences to the police, and will appear in court this month. The longest sentence she could get? A whopping 20 years.

Ouch. Did no-one tell her about the prawns in the curtain trick?

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