Here Are All The Places Where The Women’s Equality Party Are Standing In The General Election 2017

Can the Women's Equality Party disrupt conventional politics?

Where The Women's Equality Party Are Standing In The General Election 2017

by Vicky Spratt |
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Last week the Women’s Equality Party announced that they would run in Shipley, West Yorkshire against the controversial MP Philip Davies, who has previously described those who champion women’s rights as ‘feminist zealots who want women to have their cake and eat it.’

Since it was founded two years ago, the Women’s Equality Party’s mission has not only been to further the cause of gender equality but to ‘change the way we do politics’. Today, they have upped their game in attempting to deliver such change by announcing that they will also stand candidates in multiple locations across the country.

1. Nimco Aliwill stand in Hornsey and Wood Green, currently held by Labour MP Catherine West

Ali is British Somali social activist, feminist and FGM survivor. She co-founded the charity Daughters of Eve which has works to end FGM. She is also a trustee of the charity Women for Refugee Women.

2. Harini Iyengar will run for the Women’s Equality Party in Vauxhall, a seat currently held by pro-Brexit Labour MP Kate Hoey

Iyengar is a leading barrister in Employment, Equality and Education and gave expert legal evidence during the House of Commons inquiry into high heels and workplace dress codes.

3. Sharon Lovell will contest the seat of Cardiff South and Penarth, which is currently held by Labour MP Stephen Doughty.

Lovell is a Director for Nyas, a charity which provides information, advocacy and legal representation for children, young people and vulnerable adults.

4. Sally Carr MBE will run in the constituency of Manchester Withington

Carr was the Principal Programme Manager for Young People’s Health at Manchester Primary Care Trust, among other things. She was awarded an MBE in 2012 for her services to young people, in particular, her work with LGBT people.

'These brilliant women represent the diverse, creative voices of the Women’s Equality Party and I am delighted to announce their candidacy,’ Party Leader Sophie Walker told The Debrief. ‘This election they will speed change, by campaigning for equality, justice and tolerance across the UK as part of the national conversation about the general election.’

Walker said that each candidate would be fighting to win in their respective constituency, but would also be pressuring their rivals to take on their policies. ‘The new parties understand that the electorate are tired of combative, tribal politics. Along with the Green Party, who have endorsed my campaign in Shipley, and the Liberal Democrats who are forging strategic alliances in key seats across the UK, WE are part of a new political landscape that will deliver a shot in the arm to our country by working collaboratively and sharing ideas.’

She added: ‘We know we are outsiders, but in spite of the huge disadvantages of our first-past-the-post system, and the vast expense of campaigning, the Women’s Equality Party is set to make its mark on this election.’

The Women’s Equality Party have said they will announce more candidates shortly. Whether they can successfully disrupt conventional politics in their targeted areas only time will tell.

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