There’s An Entirely Pink House On AirBnB And We’re Not Sure

Love or hate it?

Entirely Pink House On AirBnB

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Booking an AirBnB is an art. You need it to be in the right location so you can easily lug your stuff from the Airport to the apartment, preferably an apartment without the owners living there so you don’t have any awkward kitchen run ins at 8.34am on a Sunday. You also need it to be central, but not so central you can’t sleep from noise and spend your entire city break regretting going for the ‘party location.’ All in all, AirBnB criteria is not something to take lightly, and should be well-thought out and pre-planned.


Something that does not come underneath that criteria, is the house needs to be garish pink. But what’s this? Yep, it’s a massive pink house and AirBnB located in Essex. And we’re not just talking about the exterior of the house, the entire thing is pink, fluffy, bright, totally girlie and twee and probably full of bows and Barbies and whatever other #girlgoal things you can think of.

Let us take a moment to read the description, shall we:

'Eaton House Studio delivers fully bespoke work and leisure experiences in extraordinary surroundings. It is THE pink house with flamingos and unicorns! The perfect place for celebrating a special occasion with friends. The house is extremely large and an art piece that is constantly evolving. We are adding to it all the time. However, the pictures we have uploaded give you some idea of the magic of Eaton House Studio. There is much more to discover when you visit!'

Oh and it costs a whopping £1, 800 a night. Sorry what now? Ok yes, it sleeps up to 30 people and has a hot tub (kudos) but can we take a step back here and process this entire house. OK, some people like pink, pink is a great colour but how does one sleep? And where does one relax? You'd need a holiday from the holidat at THE pink house.

If pink is your thing and the idea of this AirBnB makes you want to book a trip immediately, obviously that is more than ok and we salute you massively – but excuse us while we sit in our minimalistic (slightly cheaper) city apartments without a neon sign in sight.

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