A Pill To Make You Go Off Drinking Is Available On Prescription

It's for people who 'probably don't even recognise themselves as an alcoholic'...


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If you're nursing a Wednesday morning hangover, or think you might be pretty close to nursing a Thursday morning hangover, then listen up. There's a pill that can reduce your desire to drink, and if you quaff three glasses of wine a night then it's for you.

Nalmefene has just been formally recommended by the National Institute for Heath and Care Excellence (Nice) and is specifically for people who are not quite alcohols, but regularly drinks high amounts of alcohol. It helps you gradually cut down on alcohol intake and costs about £3 a pop. Which, when you consider three glasses of wine can be about £9 (and that's if you're drinking the really tacky vinegary stuff), does make for a cheaper night out.

Lyndsey Dudley, a spokeswoman for Nice, said Nelmefene, also called Selincro (mildly easier to pronounce), would be suitable for those who 'probably don't even recognise themselves as an alcoholic', reports The Guardian.

'It is much like a patch that you might wear to give up smoking, to support you but down on your alcohol intake. Some days you might feel stronger than others.'

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This pill could help the more than two million Britons believed to be mildly dependent on alcohol. It was brought in to action last October, but only 53 people have been prescribed it from 2013/2014. This is because you've got to go through psychosocial counselling to be prescribed it.

And maybe, if you really like to drink three glasses a night, you're not really going to want a pill that quells your desire to drink three glasses a night. Probably not. But think of that hangover again.]

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