Picture Of Bacon With Nipple Still Attached Is Freaking Meat-Eaters

It's reminding us all where our delicious bacon sandwich originally came from...

Picture Of Bacon With Nipple Still Attached Is Freaking Meat-Eaters

by Pola Namysl |
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As far as gross food stories go, this is pretty horrendous. A couple of days ago, a Reddit user called misssmeg posted a picture on Reddit of the bacon she'd just bought. It still had a nipple on it.


Obviously it went viral - and people went on to share some of their own terrifying food stories. There are over 3ooo comments on it, but here are some gems, that all serve to remind us that when we're eating meat, we are actually eating actual animals (which is easy to forget when we're tucking into an amazing bacon sandwich, less so when there's nipple involved)...

'A while back I tried tacos with beef tongue. It was good until I noticed the taste buds could still be seen.'

NotSoSlenderMan - 'I almost became a vegetarian because the ham at Thanksgiving dinner had a vein in it and I was kind of eating around it when my disgusting aunt eating like a disgusting person was gnawing on a piece like a wild animal and exclaimed, "Oh look at this beautiful vein on this ham!"'

freethenip - 'haha, i inadvertently became vegetarian after experiencing a hairy bacon rind. god, it was hairy'

Which leads us on to...

arturowise 9 -'Not eating bacon ever again. Y'know what I'm now a vegan'

crashed9 -'I think I'm done eating bacon forever. Can't unsee.'

puggatron - 'Here's to never ever eating bacon again'

Yep, second that. Well, maybe not never, but we'll be avoiding the aforementioned bacon sandwiches f0r quite some time for sure.

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