‘Phat’ And More Words You Can Help Reintroduce To Popular Parlance

Because thot is a horrible word that needs to be stopped


by Jess Commons |

School was great, wasn’t it? Great for giving us the gift of social awkwardness, introducing us to the concept of being stressed about work and for being the last time the front page of Urban Dictionary made any sense. Basically, because ‘thot’ is a totally horrible word, we’re giving modern slang a miss and harking back to the altogether more innocent popular terminology of the early noughties. Join us, won’t you?

*Disclaimer, a decade ago in the south west of England, these were the words of choice. Other places probably had way better, way cooler turns of phrase. Let us know on Twitter.


As in: Mr. McGinty’s given us 15 whole pages of Of Mice And Men to read for homework. What a pillock.


As in: Are you heading to the local sports field and favoured underage drinking spot tonight? Safe.


As in: Faye from popular band Steps might also own that frosted blue, one-armed top from Pilot but it looks minging on you. Perhaps if you had a head of ill-advised dreadlocks?


As in: I can’t believe you didn’t manage to get us seats at the back of the bus, now we’re going to have to sit with the Year Nines like absolute muppets.


As in: Nine whole pounds for babysitting for three hours? Mint mate. Let’s head to HMV and buy the latest musical offerings from Weezer.


As in: Sam Carrington’s mum is totally sound. She let us have three luridly coloured, overly sweetened alcopops each on Friday night.


As in: Right, I’ve got to get home for my regularly scheduled evening dinner with the parents. Catch you on the flipside.


As in: Sarah Michaels stole Adam Richards’ blazer and now Miss is totally going to give her detention. What a twat. See ‘twot’ for regional variation.

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