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How To Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

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Care for your pet whilst you care for the planet.

Want to reduce your carbon 'paw print'? It's easier to do than you think, and the positive impact it will have on the environment will be priceless. By adopting even just a few of these sustainable practices, you'll be sure to make a big difference...

Always pick up pet waste

Recently, our awareness of the damaging effects of plastic bags has really been brought to light, what with major supermarket chains cutting down their use of disposable plastic bags, and plastic straw usage decreasing. But did you know that you can take the fight against plastic one step further by trading in your disposable plastic pet waste bags for biodegradable ones? Yep. Plus, you can even buy cat litter in biodegradable forms like organic clay, too.

Feed your pet sustainable food

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When buying pet food, it's really important to buy from brands that use sustainable ingredients and packaging methods. Look to brands like Lily's Kitchen, which offer tasty ethical treats that come packaged in compostable boxes.

Alternatively, you can make your own environmentally-friendly snacks or food at home, which will result in less packaging wastage and probably save you some money. Just be sure to do your research about which foods your pet can and can't eat.

Adopt an animal

If you're considering getting a new pet, we recommend thinking about adopting. When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you free up lots of that shelter's resources (think things like food, toys, and staff), letting them help another animal in need. And if the interest in adopting was to dramatically rise, the need to breed animals would decrease, therefore resulting in less pets being euthanised because they don't have a home.

Play with environmentally-friendly toys

Some toys, bedding and even collars are now made from recycled or plant-based materials, making them a good option if you're thinking about your carbon footprint. Alternatively, why not have a wardrobe clear out and see which of your old 'junk' could become a new toy for your furry friend. Think things like old knotted T-shirts and teddies.

Walk to the park

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If you own a dog and drive to a park just to walk around, consider ditching the wheels in favour of something less damaging to the environment. Instead, you can find a nearby walking trail, or meet-up with a friend or neighbour for a short walk around your area. As well as doing good for the environment, this is also great for improving your health!

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