The Is What People In The US Fashion Industry Really Get Paid

Right, we're officially all moving to the US

The Is What People In The US Fashion Industry Really Get Paid

by Chemmie Squier |
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Your salary is important. You don't need us to tell you that. It determines whether you're buying 6 or 24 Chicken McNuggets (admittedly there's a few other variables when it comes to this, too), whether you’re shopping in Primark or COS or how well acquainted you are with your overdraft. It’s the difference between comfortable living and just-getting-by.

Except no one really talks about what they earn; it’s this big secret that everyone wants to know but can't bring themselves to ask. Except *Fashionista *who, as part of their third annual salary survey, have asked 4,500 readers (to be exact) to divulge the details of their jobs in sectors like design, editorial, retail, creative and publicity.

A whole range of employees responded – companies include Hearst, Chanel, Nike and Condé Nast – and what they've ended up with are a load of average earnings in an array of industries which confirm that we should all 100% move to America right now.

For example, according to Prospects, the median earnings for professional writers (those who dedicate more than 50% of their time to writing) was only £11,000 in 2013 in the UK, compared to £41,000 in the US. The median salary for assistant buyer in the UK is £20,955 whilst in the US they're on £34,000. A UK Graphic Designer gets £21,371 compared to raking in £52,000 in the US.

I could go on but I can barely see the screen through my tears of anguish so you can go here to see the full list of US salaries.

Seriously, why haven't you boarded a plane yet?

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