Sales Of Grow-Your-Own Seeds Are Up As The #VegCrisis Rumbles On

We're taken matters into our own hands. Now all we need is a flat with a garden...


by Katharine Gemmell |
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The current vegetable crisis has been nothing short of a pain in the arse for all of us.

It’s hard trying to be the best "us" that we possibly can be. We aim to get our five-a-day, whilst at the same time trying to make our meals as interesting and palatable as possible. All because we know it’s the right thing to do…yet, we are being refused this option by the cruel arms of nature.

Of course, this could just be us being whiney and used to getting what we want, when we want, instantly. But still, once you get used to not having to think about what veg is in season when you are cooking your meals, it’s hard to suddenly turn your back on it.

And, unfortunately, it looks like we are in this shortage for the long-haul with experts saying that it could last up until May.

However, it looks like us Brits are so sick of the lack of vegetables that we have taken it into our own hands. This is because consumers have had a "fuck it" moment and decided to cut out the middle man – by growing their own vegetables.

High-street household goods chain, Wilko, revealed this news by announcing that their online sales of grow-you-own seeds had tripled last week.Their sales had jumped up to 272% compared to the same period last year, which shows it’s all down to this pesky crisis.

Of course, we really should be eating seasonably anyway, so this can only be good news for the environment and our own bank balances in the long run.

So no more getting up at 6 am to secure that single courgette, no more crying over the empty shelves, no more rationing, and certainly no more wasting all of your weekend budget to buy an iceberg lettuce. Just nip down to your nearest Wilko, plant your seeds, and you will never be starved of your courgette again!

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