People Listing Their Favourite Things About Their Partner Will Make You Cry

Love is REAL, people.

People Listing Their Favourite Things About Their Partner Will Make You Cry

by Chemmie Squier |
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Are you in a relationship? If so, try and pinpoint your favourite thing about your partner. Pretty difficult, right? Well, reddit users have been doing just that and, as you'd expect, it's totally emosh and majorly heartwarming and proof that LOVE EXISTS, people.

Here's a few of them but take a look at the rest of the comments too. Warning: if you're of a slightly emotional disposition today, this will send you over the edge.

1. Hating the same things

'That she is really my best friend. I always tell people we don't necessarily like the same things but we almost always hate the same things. Our relationship is built on a strong foundation of hate.'

From: teslanbigolhat

2. Boobs

'The fact that we're perfect compliments to each other.

Oh, and her boobs too.

Can't forget the boobs.'

From: notjackmaster

3.The practical stuff

'She has small hands that can grab Pringles from the bottom of the tube without having to tip it and spill crumbs everywhere.'

From: LagGregberksky

4. The adroable stuff

'That I can do absolutely nothing with him for hours and it still doesn't feel like enough time together.'

From: Femme0879

5. The nice stuff

'I think his love of old, vintage technology is absolutely adorable.'

From: CookietheBunny

6. Reasons of food

'The lunches she cooks for me are freaking awesome. They're so good I now collect pictures of every lunch she makes me into an album on facebook.'

From: pppoe123

7. The practical reasons

'We’ve been in a relationship for two years now, and I see a lot of people saying that “relationships means having butterflies forever, your heart beating faster when they walk into a room. Its not really like that. At all for me, I stopped getting the butterflies when we started living together. My heart no longer speeds up when I see him but instead, everything calms down, and the sound of his breathing brings comfort. It doesn’t feel like a roller coaster anymore, it feels like home, something I was sorely missing until I met him. We don’t sleep curled up every night, instead, we sleep comfortably, side by side, sometimes facing opposite directions, but every night I find myself scooting backwards on the bed so I can bump into him and his warmth. I snuggle against his arm, or he strokes my hair as I fall asleep, keeping me calm and relaxed. There are nights where in his sleep he has reached around me, and pulled me closer, like a child with a teddy bear, like I’m comforting him, even in his sleep.

Kisses aren’t always romantic and firey anymore, but there are so much more of them now. There's days I dont even remember the alarm going off, but my alarm that day was his lips pressing against mine. I love that instead of having my own personal space and him his own personal space, it’s both of ours together, and I step closer to hug him and take up less area, together. It's our little world against the outside one. It's really more of a "I love us" but he makes up 50% of my world now and I wouldnt have it any other way than how it is now. He truly makes my life a better place to be.'

From: personalcat

8. Friendship

'She's my best fucking friend.'

From*:* ssntf7

9. The smug ones

'That we can't stop ourselves from grinning out of sheer happiness everytime we look at each other for more than 2 seconds.'

From*: *c_h_h

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