People Who Listen To Music Out Loud Together Have More Sex, Apparently

*throws headphones out the window*

People Who Listen To Music Out Loud Together Have More Sex, Apparently

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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If you and your other half spend your evenings with headphones plugged in, listening to your own music, like, separately; then sorry, but you’re doing it wrong.

So, Apple Music is going to be available on Sonos, and to coincide with the occasion, they released a new study. Elite Daily reported that thanks to their findings, we now have another way to increase our chances of having sex.

30 families around the world had their homes kitted out with webcams, Apple iBeacons to keep tabs on how physically close the family members were to each other, and smart watches to monitor their heart rates (any one else thinking they want to sign up to this study too? Thought so.)

For a week, they were casually watched as they went about their day to day lives, but without any music played out loud. The study found that without the music, the family members barely spoke to each other and rarely made eye contact. So it was pretty much a dull and lonely week for everyone.

The next week however, when the households were given Sonos sound systems and subscriptions to Apple Music (seriously, where do we sign up?) it was found that, yep, you guessed it, the households spent more time together.

Basically the idea is that music triggers a release of dopamine and oxytocin, which is responsible for “helping us feeling connected with people”. So because the sound system plays music throughout the house, it apparently brings you all closer together.

The bit we’re obviously all most interested in though, is the fact that the amount of sex went up by a bonking 67 percent.

I mean, sure, we are a bit curious about how exactly they got that sex data. Did they capture it on those web cams they installed? Or did the couples keep a tally each week?

But, if we actually do the maths: let’s say you have sex five times a week, it works out as three and a bit bonus sessions between the sheets and a lot of happy people. And if that’s not worth a try, well, at least you’re having sex five times a week…

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