This Is Why There Are People With Bloody Knickers In Downing Street This Evening

In case you're wondering, they're protesting the fact that we (as in women) still have to pay what is basically a period tax...

This Is Why There Are People With Bloody Knickers In Downing Street This Evening

by Tangwen Roberts |

Periods. We all have them. And they’re a bloody inconvenience. No just for obvious reasons, but also because we having to pay an extra 5% VAT. You know, on account of them being a luxury and all that. That’s right, they’re classed alongside Jaffa Cakes and other confectionary as ‘non-essential items’. Some might presume that this difference in price is because tampons aren't the most basic form of sanitaryware you can get, but actually even the most basic of basic absorbency sanitary towels are taxed. After a woman has a baby, she bleeds. A lot. And the pads she must use to mop this up? Taxed.

These taxes (by the by, crocodile meat and razors aren’t taxed) have caused quite a stir recently and today protesters gathered outside Downing Street to protest what is known as The Tampon Tax. All 2,700 of the participants on the End The Tampon Tax protest Facebook group are being encouraged to turn up at Downing Street in their pants with fake blood daubed on to really drive the point home. Here's what the Internet's had to say about the protests so far.

Although some people potentially didn't get it. Like this guy...

Just seen a group of people prosteing over tampon tax □! Get a job losers □

— Matt (@matt_R_dorn) April 2, 2015

And it's not just us girls in the UK who have had enough of the Tampon Tax, there is a petition to the UN to get rid of the tax on periods worldwide...

Did you attend the period tax protests this evening? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know how your evening (fake bloody pants and all) went down...

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