What Do The Recent Lunar And Solar Eclipses Mean For Your Mood? And Other Astrology Questions Answered

Could the moon explain how you've been feeling this week?


by Carolyne Faulkner |
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This week a partial lunar eclipse was visible almost everywhere in the world (apart from North America, the polar climes of Greenland and Northern Russia). This was the final lunar eclipse of 2019, the next one isn’t until January 2020. This lunar eclipse was hot on the heels of the total a solar eclipse on 2 July. A total eclipse happens somewhere in the world every year and a half. But what do these summer eclipses mean for our moods?

Most of us know what zodiac sign the sun falls in each month - this is what's commonly known as a star-sign or particular zodiac ‘season’, but it is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. As well as a sun sign, we all have a moon-sign, which indicates how we may express ourselves emotionally and how we feel on a deeper level. In the wellbeing space, the moon-sign is more important than the sun-sign. So, if you really want to care for yourself or someone else, finding out and tracking your moon sign is key.

As the moon orbits, it changes zodiac sign approximately every two and a half days. It is also relatively close to us here on earth at only 239,000 miles away, as opposed to the sun, which is 92.96 million miles away.

So, it’s no surprise to me that the moon is widely believed to influence us and our behaviour - I certainly believe it. Humans comprise of approximately 65% water, and the moon is proven to impact bodies of water and the tides, so yes, it impacts us and may cause us to feel emotionally stable or unstable, as well as triggering people to overreact rather spectacularly. Perhaps a national holiday should be declared each month on the full moon day so we can all feel good!

The full moon is so infamous it was given its own handle way before social media graced the web – Lunacy. This term derived from folk acting out under the full moon and it was actually used as a defence in some criminal cases.

But before allowing the anxiety to creep in whenever those full moon or lunar eclipse memes hit our feeds, it’s worth remembering that the planets and stars and their movements don’t have to rule us – with the right knowledge and understanding, we can manage them. Sure, we should look up to them as they often influence our actions and reactions, but we can take charge of both with a little sprinkle of awareness and ensuring we take some time out for reflection.

Carolyne Faulkner
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The moon impacts us personally depending on how it connects to certain aspects in our own birth chart*, and collectively as in the overall mood of people.

And for the uninitiated, a birth chart is essentially a cosmic selfie taken at the time you were born showing where the planets and signs used in astrology were for you. It in no way defines you in totality, it’s just loosely sketched out potential, which can be useful and insightful.

The state of the stars right now:

★ Solar Eclipse – this can only happen during the new moon phase.

★ Lunar Eclipse – when earth comes between the sun and moon blocking sunlight; the moon also passes a lunar node during a full moon.

★ The Moon rules Cancer. (each sign has a ruling planet or boss)

★ We are in Cancer Season until July 23rd.

★ Pluto (triggers depth, transformation and rebirth) is in the sign of Capricorn and has been hitting its opposite sign Cancer hard, driving home all the above.

So, let’s talk about these eclipses, which have been impacting us since June this year.

The Solar Eclipse that occurred on July 2nd in Cancer was encouraging us to side step anything or anyone making us feel insecure, including ourselves – for no external event or person can truly make us feel anything, ultimately it’s always our choice to surrender our power. This Solar Eclipse tasked us to choose kindness toward ourselves and others and to work on stabilising our emotions and reactions, which causes a ripple effect throughout the whole planet.

This can be a tad uncomfortable as the rose-tinted glasses are off but it’s for our own good and indeed the greater good.

The Lunar Eclipse on July 16th was like a full moon only way more powerful! The full moon is when the sun and moon oppose each other and maybe even fight for the light. In Astrology, the Sun is ego and the Moon is depth. This one also connects to Pluto, which is the dwarf planet often depicted as Shiva, the dark-destroyer, vanquishing demons and summoning the light – allowing us to let go of anything or anyone negative, and embrace the light.

The Moon is the lead player right now, for several reasons:

General Mood

Borderline escapist, feeling a sense of loss, sad, overwhelmed and reactive, or taking our bad moods out on others.

We can dial up the powerful vibe with determination and the aspiration and ability to be fabulously creative, caring, kind and brave.

Professional Performance

We may feel like escaping from life by taking sick days, staying in bed or hiding behind the safety banner of work, but these choices are not the most empowering ones to make. Instead, we can harness the positive attributes of this season.

We are likely to be brilliant, driven and highly intuitive to the needs and desires of others, which can deliver incredible results that serve all.

Personal relationships

These will be broken down for analysis; some will fall, but those that are meant to last will be transformed into unions with more sincerity, authenticity and depth. All intimate unions will likely be shaken up, to reveal what is really happening beneath the surface, some come out stronger and more aligned with our soul paths, some fall, until the next life perhaps. The cycle never really ends.

In summary, these Summer Eclipses will have a lasting impact that will probably reach a climax on December 26th, 2019, because this solar eclipse will fall in the sign of Sagittarius, the zodiac sign gunning for truth at any cost. We must be true to our own soul, as the soul is our best friend through heaven and high water.

These eclipses are working to help us realign with our higher purpose and to purify our lives. So, the best way to use all this cosmic power is to make friends with ourselves, keep the serotonin levels high with exercise and jaunts in nature, and to be kind in all we think, do and say, but perhaps without the selfies, capturing a moment on a phone means we lost it already. Instead, be in the moment and allow it to nourish you and you alone.

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