Why The Papaw Story Made All Millenials Feel Bad

Papaw making burgers for his grandkids who never showed is a symbol of just how shitty we millenials are with our grandparents.

Why The Papaw Story Made All Millenials Feel Bad

by Jess Commons |
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By now you've surely seen the saddest story of the internet age; the grandad who made burgers for all of his grandkids only to have one of them show up.

ICYMI, Papaw, an elderly gentlemen from the US of A, made 12 whole burgers for his six grandchildren but only Kelsey arrived to eat them. Papaw was sad. See below for proof.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.10.43 AM

Since then, things have somewhat escalated. One cousin, Brock (American first names; whole different kettle of fish) actually went round for dinner, a day late, Montel Williams got involved, Kelsey had to ask people to stop sending her cousins death threats (ah the internet) and finally, she released a self-penned press release statement on her iPhone notes (what a time to be alive) stating that Papaw is 'fine', he knows about his fame but doesn't understand social media. She also said that she wouldn't be accepting any free gifts or donations and she wouldn't give Papaw's address out on the internet. Sensible lady.

Papaw's also become a meme. And officially been adopted as the internet's Grandpa. Which is great. Because his own grandkids seriously need to take a long hard look at the themselves in the mirror.

But really, aren't we all Papaw's grandkids? The reason this story went so bonkers viral is surely because us, as millenials are truly TERRIBLE with our grandparents. Between Snapchatting and talking about Kylie Jenner's new dog, when was the last time you stopped to think; I wonder how MY Papaw's doing? Seriously, we're all awful.

Grandparents may not be as hip, hop and happening as sloths, Kanye West and your gluten free lifestyle but considering how long they've been around on this earth (without iPhones) they're bound to be far more interesting. They're the whole reason you're standing here today and, chances are, right now if they're still with us, they're hanging out in their house alone watching Bargain Hunt wondering what it is that you're up to. You, on the other hand, are too busy wondering whether or not Madonna's gone bonkers to realise.

So, here's what I propose; at some point this afternoon, take five to ten minutes and find some way to get in touch with your grandparents. If they've got a mobile, text them, if they're on the world wide web, drop them an email, if they're shit at technology, write a bloody letter. If you haven't got any grandparents, donate some cash to Age UK.

Whatever and however you choose to do it, take some time out and find a way to say 'Hi Papaw' in your own way.


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