Papaw Is Holding An Open House Cookout And You’re Invited

Pack your bags people, grandpa Papaw's invited you round his gaff

Papaw Is Holding An Open House Cookout And You're Invited

by Alyss Bowen |
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Last week, the internet fell head over heels for a grandpa know to his grandkids as Papaw. You know, that old man who invited all his six grandchildren round for burgers but only one turned up. Obviously the internet then went into sympathy overdrive and all us millenials felt really bad.

So, to make up for missing out on Papaw’s burgers, one of his grandkids, Brock, is making things A-OK again by holding an open house cookout on March 26. Guess whose invited? All of us, obviously. From 11AM till 4PM Papaw himself will be cooking up burgers, selling t-shirts, taking pictures and having an all round good time. Could we love this grandpa anymore? Probably, yes.

People are pretty conflicted about the idea, with some stating that the grandkids are now using Papaw to make easy money. Others got pretty concerned about Brock posting his address on social media to thousand of eyes (we kind of agree to that one, it's pretty irresponsible).

But the overall consensus was that people want in.

We tried to calculate just how long it would take us to get to Paw’s cookout, but Google maps failed us. The North Atlantic Ocean might have a part to play in that. Private jet, anyone?

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