Oyster Card Nails Are Are Thing And It’s Completely Blown Our Minds

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Oyster nails

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For those of you who are still trying to get your heads around the marvel of using Apple Pay on your iPhone to seamlessly swipe yourself in and out of London stations, you might want to sit down. This could be a bit much.

Oyster card nails, I repeat, nails, are a legit thing right now. Well, at least for this genius fashion student.

Lucy Davies studied BA Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins and was set the task of finding wonder in even the most routine of activities to produce something for her final project, reported Metro.co.uk. Enter the coolest nails on earth.

The magic is all made possible by a micro chip that is simply built into one of her acrylic nails. Amazing right?

Lucy told Wah Nails: ‘I took the RFID chip from an Oyster card and embedded it within a full set of acrylic nails to give commuters the ability to pay for their journeys with a single tap/touch’.

‘You can still top them up with money too. Now you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your card again!’ she added.

For the record, I am all about the magic of this creation. All about it. But you can't blame me for having questions. Questions like - what if you bite your nails? Or if one falls off? Or if it does that thing of not being properly registered by the Oyster reader, triggering that annoying ‘seek assistance’ message making everyone behind you groan really unsubtly not only because it looks like you haven’t bothered to top up, but also that you’re not even trying to keep up with the rush hour commute because you seemingly haven’t even bothered to get your oyster card out yet, even though you’re actually Captain Smooth AF With Totally Magic Nails. What about then?

I guess they’re just some of the risks that come with literally having London at (in?) your fingertips. We salute you Lucy... Where can we get our manicures?

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