The 17 Most Overrated Foods Ever

The Most Over-Rated Foods, Ever

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Is it just us, or are some foods just a bit, well meh, despite being drooled over relentlessly by food bloggers, the press and your mates on social media?

Here's our list of foods that need to get over themselves - because they're just not as good as everyone says.

Warning: There are some controversial inclusions on this list - and Nutella and Peanut Butter, while hyped up, aren't included on this list because they are essentially the sweet nectar of the gods.

1. Cupcakes

The icing to sponge ratio is reason enough for people to give this over-hyped confection a miss. The same goes for doughnuts. Sorry.

2. Oysters

Oysters on their own? Rank. Ergo, any food that needs to be flavoured with anything to become remotely edible should be banned.

3. Avocado On Toast

We've reached saturation point of the most earnest food in brunch history. In the words of someone on Instagram "Just p**s off and have some Coco Pops".

4. Soup

Why. Just why. Do you know any fun people who would choose soup over anything in a restaurant? No, because it's watery, bland hell.

5. Coriander

No explanation needed.

6. Kale

No vegetable, in the history of vegetables, has acquired such hipster status. It's basically a niche spinach, but then Beyonce decided to wear it on a sweatshirt and things got out of hand.

7. Quinoa

It's so hard to cook the right amount. And obviously difficult to pronounce. Everything about this grain is trying to be irritating and difficult.

8. Rice Cakes

It will always puzzle food historians how edible cardboard rose to prominance in the early 21st century. Rice cakes do not giveth, they taketh away. They are loud, smelly, and have no nutritional value.

9. Coconut Water

Like coffee, the first time you drink coconut water you will grimace and think you are drinking mildew flavoured with hell. Then you will force yourself to consume it because it's faddy, expensive water that you think is healthy for you. It's alright, and better than a fizzy drink, but it's not all that and a bag of chips.

10. Pumpkin-flavoured sh**

Blame the Americans. Pumpkin is fine for carving. Pumpkin flavoured syrup is just sickly, artifical awfulness.

11. Victoria Sponge

Specifically, the shop-bought varieties that are wheeled out for office birthdays because Ben from accounts didn't like chocolate. Sponge drier than the dessert, a thin slither of jam, and layers clogged with squirty cream is just not worth your time. It's home-made or bust.

12. 'Artisan' breads

Disclaimer: We have no beef with the bread. It's just anything with the word 'artisan' in the title that brings us out in a rash.

13. Cheesecake

Specifically vanilla. Why waste the calories when there is no taste sensation. You only eat it for the biscuit base. Just eat some digestives.

14. Porridge

Porridge is fine if it's accepted for what it is - a warm bowl of stodge that is cheap and easy to prepare. It is not a gourmet food and the word itself is a bit gross. And we resent paying over £2 for it anywhere.

15. Green Juices

"Oh look at me I'm so healthy with my green drink" - actually you're just ingesting an eye-wateringly expensive load of sugar with no fibre because it looks good on your Instagram feed.

16. Roast Dinners

Disclaimer: There is nothing *wrong *with roast dinners per se, but raise your hand if you've had more unbelievably naff roast dinners in a pub than good ones. Only our Mum's will do. Plus they're a bitch to prepare at home.

17. Burgers

Another controversial addition. Yes, burgers are totally amazing when you are really really hungry, but do they warrant a National Burger Day, burger festivals, and countless no-booking restaurants devoted to burgers, where you have to wait for hours on end to spend over £10 for fast food? Some of us are burgered out.

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