Could Oprah Winfrey Be Running For President In 2020?



by Emma Firth |
Published on

Is ‘think more like Oprah’ your life mantra? Well then the latest news will no doubt brighten up your day. The Queen of TV (who has a unique power to reduce her other-wise cool, calm and collected guests to tears) has teased a big move into politics.

Oprah Winfrey - a life-long Democrat who supported both Obama and Hillary Clinton - has revealed she’s not ruling out a presidential run after Trump’s move into the Oval Office.

‘I never considered the question even a possibility,’ the US talk show host told financier David Rubenstein on his Bloomberg Television programme when asked whether she might consider a run. ‘I just thought, "Oh… oh?"'

'I thought, "Oh, gee, I don't have the experience." "I don't know enough,"' she continued, 'and now I'm thinking, "Oh"'

Looking through the Trump archives, when asked if the businessman would ever consider a woman for a running mate in a presidential election he replied: ‘I would’. He’s candidate of choice? Oprah.

Can we please, please make this happen? Watch this space.

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