Disco Boy Saves The Day…Local Man Brings Daily Raves To Operation Stack

In his tight purple shorts this Kentish guy shows us how to throw a damn good rave on the M20

Disco Boy Saves The Day...Local Man Brings Daily Raves To Operation Stack

by Natalie Turco-Williams |
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So, you may know that lorries are being ‘stacked’ for miles along on the M20, thanks to the Calais border crisis. Enter: Disco Boy, DJ by day and who the hell knows by night.

For the past week Lee Marshall AKA Disco Boy has been dressing up (or shall we say down) and visiting truckers stuck in Operation Stack with his mobile disco. Yep, this Kentish prankster/disco-er has been hosting raves across the motorway, in a bid to cheer up lorry drivers who’ve been forced to live in their trucks whilst the British army, the Kentish police and the French border force supervise the slow movement of freight in and out of the country.

Speaking to

, Disco Boy said: ‘I do it because I love discos. It’s something I’ve always done.

‘The character has been born now, so I’ve got to keep this character alive. So I thought I’d come down and get a bit of a party going on for Operation Stack.

‘They were happy to see some local coming down and getting involved with them. It must be horrible just sitting there for days and days in the back end of a lorry.’

His intention may have been to cheer up the lorry drivers, but Disco Boy's DJ-ing powers have effected everyone involved in Operation Stack including the emergency services, who in the BBC's video seem to be enjoying getting down to the sick beats he was throwing out.

But just like any superhero, Disco Boy does have a secret. His week long rave isn't the first time his disco trailer has been out in public. In fact his first appearance was earlier this year at a Tescos in Whitstable, where he danced down the isles and thrusted on the till conveyor belt.

As to whether he's a complete nutter or an absolute genius, the jury's still out on that one. But at least he's trying to create a few laughs in what's otherwise a pretty bleak situation.

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