This Is The Best Time To Find A Date Online

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by Katie Rosseinsky |
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Whether you're a proud user of each and every dating site, from Uniform Dating (is that still a thing?) to Single Farmers ('for countryside lovers', apparently) or you're a grudging Tinder ghost, if you've ever dabbled in the minefield that is online dating, you'll be interested to learn that there is a way to maximise your chances of finding love - and it could be as simple as setting yourself an Outlook calendar reminder (oh, modern romance...)

According to new research from dating site eHarmony, the best time to find love online is at 2pm on a Tuesday, which sees a 194 % increase in activity compared to the site's average usage.

9 out of 10 of the site's biggest spikes in logins happen on a Monday and Tuesday around lunchtime, with the 'back to work blues' probably playing a part in this uptake. What's more, 15 % of the users surveyed admitting to arranging a date on their lunch break. Just imagine telling the story to your grandkids of how their grandad asked you out through the medium of emoji over Tinder, while you were doing a Buzzfeed quiz about Destiny's Child and eating a Pret salad al desko.

Meanwhile, the worst time to find a date online appears to be a Sunday evening, with fewest users found on the site at 8pm. So, unsurprisingly, your hungover Tinder swipeathon in front of Antiques Roadshow is unlikely to lead to romance. Ah, l'amour...

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