This Is How Many European Babies Are Conceived On Ikea Beds

Maybe you're an Ikea baby...


by Alyss Bowen |
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Ah Ikea, how we love you so. How we love to walk through your doors, pretend we’re in 500 Days of Summer and wander around you in a daze pretending we live in your kitchens, sit at your desks and sleep in your beds. Well, apparently we’re doing a whole lot more in Ikea beds, including conceiving babies.

According to a New York Times article called ‘Ikea Forever’ one in 10 Europeans are conceived on an Ikea bed. OK, we’re not talking within the actual store (although we did think this at first), but still one in 10 people are conceiving their babies on Ikea beds.

With it’s 387 stores in 48 countries, Ikea is one of the world’s largest consumers of household appliances. It’s no surprise we’re all conceiving babies in their beds, I dare you to try and find a single person without a single piece of Ikea furniture in their homes. According to this study, they sell a set of their Billy bookcases every 10 seconds. That’s almost unfathomable.

No one knows exactly where this data came from, as New York Times were unable to give a source, but it sounds about right as roughly 884 million people visit Ikea once a year. Meaning that’s a potential 884 million people thinking about, or actually buying a bed, and then potentially concieving a baby on said bed. Maybe you're an Ikea baby? Ask yourself that.

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