The One Where We Reveal What We Learnt About Thanksgiving From Watching ‘Friends’

What We Learnt About Thanksgiving From 'Friends'


by Julia Fernandez |
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On Thursday our American pals celebrate the country's favourite national holiday. We may think of Christmas as being a big deal Stateside, but nothing compares to Thanksgiving, when the notoriously hard working US population down their tools for four whole days to gather round a turkey, roast yams (a bit like a sweet potato), bake pumpkin pie and give thanks to the forthcoming harvest while trying to eat as much as humanly possible.

Having never experienced a Thanksgiving feast ourselves our knowledge of the occasion would have been little to none had it not been for six TV icons: Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Rachel Green, Joey Tribbiani, Ross Geller and Pheobe Buffay. The Friends Thanksgiving episodes were legendary, so much so that our reference points all lead back to the comedy series that brought us everything from Thanksgiving Pants to the Geller Cup.

Find out what we learnt about celebrating Thanksgiving from Friends below...

1. You'll be needing Thanksgiving Pants

Prepare for the meat sweats and stomachaches that come with devouring a turkey by investing in Thanksgiving Pants. In Joey's case he opted for Phoebe's maternity trousers, but a pair of joggers or loose leggings would suffice. Another tip from Mr Tribbiani: 'You've got to warm up your stomach first, eating chips is like stretching'. All together now: 'You are my Everest'.

2. It hasn't really changed much since the '80s

Seriously, the hair!

3. It's a time for sharing

When Monica and Ross get into a fight in front of their parents on Thanksgiving the skeletons come out the closet. Ross smoked pot in college and stole his dad's Playboys and Monica broke the porch swing and has been secretly living with Chandler. Meanwhile Phoebe has a thing for Jacques Cousteau and Joey just wants to go home. Confused? So are Judy and Jack Geller.

4. It's all fun and games until the fun and games

Now on display in the Warner Bros. Museum in California, the Geller Cup is a trophy from a Geller family game, the Geller bowl. The gang get involved in the tradition in the episode 'The One With The Football' on Thanksgiving 1996, but it quickly descends into a brother-sister battle between Monica and Ross who are left fighting for the trophy till the bitter end.

5. It's a chance to reconnect with old friends

Especially when said friends have turned out as dishy as Brad Pitt - married to Jennifer Aniston at the time.

6. Use the opportunity to forgive your loved ones

Because they desperately want to be forgiven. Especially when you're in charge of the food.

7. Or take revenge on those that once hurt you

Although we advise you don't cut off their toe.

8. It's never going to be perfect

Just when you think you're being really seductive the knife slips out of your hand.

9. Make sure the chef is trustworthy

Or you'll end up eating a trifle that tastes like feet. Rachel's misinterpretation of a classic recipe combined the traditional ingredients with beef. Mmm.

10. And whatever you do don't take the day too seriously

If all else fails, stick a turkey on your head.

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