One Of The Power Rangers Was Arrested For Murder (Yep, Our Childhood Is Ruined)

The red Power Ranger has been taken in for stabbing his housemate. With a sword.


by Stevie Martin |

Well, this is upsetting. The Red Ranger (REMEMBER? HE HAD THE RED BANDANA AND THE LONG HAIR AND WAS THE FIT ONE) has been arrested for stabbing his housemate to death with a sword. Yep.

Ricardo Medina Jr. was arrested on Saturday afternoon in California after a fight broke out between him and his housemate, and he and his girlfriend retreated to the bedroom where said housemate then forced entry. According to the police (and to TMZ), Ricardo stabbed his housemate with a sword, and the victim was pronounced dead upon arrival at a nearby hospital.

Ricardo was the one who called 911, but was arrested for murder immediately and his bail has been set at one million dollars.

The '90s actor first got his break playing the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002 – which we watched avidly – and he also went on to play Dekker in Power Rangers Samurai, which we can’t remember. Either way, GO GO POWER RANGERS has been ruined forever. First Screech from Saved By The Bell, now the Power Rangers – can '90s TV icons stop getting arrested for stabbing people please? It’s pretty harrowing.

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