One In Five Uni Students Got Off With Their Lecturer

Apparently a fifth of uni students have had some kind of ‘sexual contact’ with a lecturer. Who knew?!


by Sophie Cullinane |
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It’s the ultimate fantasy really, isn’t it? You’re in last year of uni and you’re staying late at the library swotting for your finals, when suddenly you hear someone else sit down on a desk nearby. It’s Professor Dreamy McHunkypants and he’s come to do his own work, but he’d be more than happy to help you with that essay you’ve been struggling with.You’ve fancied him since the first year, but recently you’ve noticed him looking at you over the top of his lecture notes. Is that a questioning look he’s giving you... Or something else?

He sits down next to you, his knee brushing against yours, and suddenly your hands touch over a particularly meaty paragraph of Marx’s Das Kapital. Sparks fly. The energy is electric. You know it’s forbidden, but how could something so wrong feel so right? Suddenly, he’s leaning in when…

You’re aroused aren’t you? Tell us the truth. Stop lying. It’s obvious.

The whole ‘student/professor’ fantasy is as old as the education system itself, but apparently it’s a fantasy that a load of us are making a reality. According to a new study, as many as one in five of us have got off with a lecturer while at uni. The survey, which was conducted by the (delightfully named) website ShagAtUni, revealed that 19 per cent of higher education students has had some kind of ‘sexual contact’ with a lecturer, with a whopping 13 per cent of Sussex University students claiming to have had fully blown sex with a lecturer while studying.

Time to consider a transfer?

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