Your Old Polly Pockets Might Be Worth A Load Of Money

A Polly Pocket with a lot of profit...


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Any 80s/90s kids will know that Polly Pockets were a big deal. They were the toy of all toys. The best Christmas or birthday gift you could receive. Well according to eBay they might just be the gift that keeps on giving.

For anyone who doesn’t know what I am talking about, the Polly Pocket craze started with father Chris Wiggs in 1983. He wanted to create a compact dolls house that his daughter Kate could take around with her. This idea quickly snowballed into a Polly Pocket empire and by the early 90s was distributed worldwide by famous American toy manufacturing company, Mattel.

Today, they are a popular collector’s items and can apparently earn you a lot of money (as long as you mum hasn’t hovered up any of the accessories or your brother hasn’t tried to flush one of the dolls down the toilet.)

So popular in fact that eBay has released their very own purchasing guide, which is broken down into 5 key steps:

  1. Learn How to Spot a Vintage Polly Pocket Doll
  1. Know Which Polly Pocket Dolls and Sets Bluebird Produced
  1. Know Polly's Friends
  1. Learn How to Evaluate Vintage Polly Pocket Dolls
  1. Choose the Right Vintage Polly Pocket Dolls for a Particular Collectio

And in doing so, people have been earning anywhere between £15 and £1,500!

The Disney collections seem to be going for the highest amounts with an Alice in Wonderland and Little Mermaid bundle set from 1996, being auctioned for £1,421.29, or a Peter Pan play set for £1,044.22

Other classic sets like the Polly Pocket 2 doll swim partyand a vintage 1996 jewel case are also going for in excess of £1,000. I think its time to take a look in the attic...

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