The Number Of Female Millionaires Is Increasing (Hooray!) But Men Still Dominate (Boo!)

We're not catching up with the guys for a long, long time...


by Stevie Martin |

The number of UK female millionaires is growing three times faster than male millionaires, according to recent analysis, but we've still got a long way to go - as there are 11 times more dude millionaires than ladydudes (technical term).

As well as this, female taxpayers are on the rise, The Telegraph reports, but are still massively outnumbered by male taxpayers - which all seems to point to the fact that shit is being done to counteract the gender pay gap, and the inequalities in the workplace, but we're so far behind that we won't end up seeing real change for quite a while.

In fact, at the end of last year, the World Economics Forum's Global Gender Gap Report found that true equality in terms of pay between the sexes won't be achieved until 2095, folks. And that's pretty depressing, despite the fact there's an upward, positive, and painfully slow trend. Indeed, the pay gap fell to an all time low last year, but in terms of female wealth - there are 14 countries who have a higher percentage of wealthy women than us in the world. Which is embarrassing when you think about how economically developed we like to consider ourselves.

Gary Robins, the director at Radius Equity - who analysed the figures - said that, though the findings were 'encouraging', a gap does still exist: 'There’s a long way to go to close what remains a significant gender divide when it comes to wealth creation.' True, especially considering that, last year, around five times more UK men became millionaires than women.

'Much of the progress on gender equality over the last 10 years has come from more women entering politics and the workforce… there are now 26 per cent more female parliamentarians and 50 per cent more female ministers than nine years ago,' said Saadia Zahidi, the lead author of Global Gender Gap Report. the report. 'These are far-reaching changes – for economies and national cultures, however it is clear that much work still remains to be done, and that the pace of change must in some areas be accelerated.'


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