Norwegian Tourist Raped Twice In One Night While Looking For Help

The 23-year-old was so drunk she could barely remember what happened…


by Sophie Wilkinson |

Tragically, a Norwegian woman was twice raped in London, and was so drunk that she couldn’t remember any of it happening.

The 23 year old had been drinking at a barbecue in Essex, before making her way into London. However, she got ‘drunk, quite emotional, crying and making a scene, so a taxi was booked to take her and a friend home’, Pam Oon for the prosecution told Snaresbrook Crown Court, as reported by MailOnline.

She demanded to be let out of the cab, so by Dagenham she was let out, but didn’t have her bag or her jacket with her. The next thing she remembered was being in Canning Town, where she asked two Eastern European men when the next trains were leaving. She was so drunk and disoriented, she thought the train station in east London was Heathrow Airport, which is on the outskirts of west London.

She approached Marius Stakele, 24, and asked him and his friends for help. They then walked her towards a flyover, where he allegedly smashed her head against a concrete wall and raped her. ‘During the entire incident she struggled, she tried to get away, she didn’t consent to any of the sexual activity and the prosecution say that nothing that she said or did could be interpreted as consent by Mr Stakele,' said Ms Oon.

She returned to Canning Town station to get help. Luckily, a staff member was on hand. They described her as: ‘Trembling, but like someone who had had a shock, not like someone who was cold or on drugs.’

It was only when she reported the attack to the police that DNA tests revealed she had been raped by a second man.

Aftab Mohammed, 39, is a security guard working near Dagenham. He told the court he was approached by the alleged victim, who was asking for a lift. He told police he refused at first as it wasn’t company policy, but she eventually changed his mind. He said the woman told him she’d ‘wanted to make love’. He then ‘took her to an area of waste ground… and that’s where they had sex and he didn’t force her, said she had asked for his number – out of concern he gave her money to get home,’ the prosecution said. He also showed police the rubbish bags he’d put the woman’s bra in. CCTV footage shows Mohammed dropping the woman off at Canning Town in his car. However, the woman has ‘no recollection, she had a feeling she took a taxi because there’s no way she could’ve walked there from Essex, she doesn’t recall talking to anyone'.

Both Mohammed and Stakele deny two respective charges each of rape.

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