How Are We Only Now Hearing Of This Japanese Island Entirely Populated By Adorable Bunnies?

If you've ever wanted to be literally surrounded by bunnies, this is the place


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This may seem strange, but sometimes when we wake up hungover, we have this intense wish for a litter of Labrador puppies to be right there, and walk all over us, and cuddle with us. Is that weird? Don’t answer that. Puppies are our everything, but for some other people, bunnies are everything and for those people, let us introduce you to Ōkunoshima, aka Rabbit Island.

It’s in Japan (natch) and is home to tons of friendly and adorable wild rabbits. How are we only now hearing about this place? What have we been looking up on the internet for the past 15 years that we somehow missed the fact that there’s a place called Rabbit Island? Thanks Jezebel for notifying us of this vital intel.

It used to be a secret military facility for producing poison gas, and there's a small museum there now. Now, it's been rebranded with the rabbits, so a slightly strange mix of attractions, but NBD.

Check out this video of a girl with a bag of snacks being chased by hundreds of bunnies. Incredibly cute, but also a bit freaky, no?

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