North Korea Says It’s Invented Hangover-Free Alcohol

But bear in mind, they’ve also claimed to find a cure for cancer, AIDS and ebola…

North Korea Says It’s Invented Hangover-Free Alcohol

by Eve Simmons |

In the latest of North Korea’s attempts to prove they are the superior of the Koreas, they claim to have invented the solution to the hardship which most millennials grapple with on a weekly basis - the hangover. Yep, according to the state-owned newspaper The Pyongyang Times, the tipple (named Koryo Liquor) is made mainly from ginseng, glutinous rice (in replace of sugar) and, of course, alcohol.

Apparently, this weird, pale yellow coloured liquid (which kind of looks like pee), is made of ‘six-year-old’ ginseng, which, ‘is known as being highest in it’s medicinal effect’. Right…

The scientific evidence to back up this bold claim? There may not be any hard statistics but the State-run newspaper does say it’s ‘highly appreciated by experts and lovers’. Well, if the lovers say so, it must be true. I mean, its even been ‘registered as a national scientific and technological hit’ (in North Korea, according to North Korea). The article then goes on to explain that these so-called ‘lovers’ are particularly keen on the liquor for two very important reasons.

1. ‘It causes no hangover’

2. ‘It’s suave’.

Not too sure what constitutes a ‘suave’ spirit - perhaps the bottle is topped with a bowler hat?

It might sound impressive, but this latest invention ain’t got nothing on last year’s groundbreaking discoveries that the North Korean media claimed the country pioneered. The Korean Central News Agency reported last June that (with the help of good old ginseng) North Korean professors had discovered a cure for AIDs, SARS and respiratory syndrome MERS - also known as ‘camel flu’.

To be fair to the North Koreans, ginseng has been shown to reduce common symptoms of a hangover due to it’s cleansing properties. However, booze containing 30-40% alcohol without an ounce of the familiar ‘I want to rip out my eyeballs and die’ feeling? Sounds much too good to be true.

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