Never Experienced An Orgasm? This Sex Masterclass Will Teach You How

The sex-ed you wish you had in school.

Normal The Modern Guide To Sex

by Angelica Daujotas |

We need to talk about sex: it’s NORMAL! Sex shouldn’t still feel taboo, the sexual revolution was over 50 years ago, yet most of us still feel confused, awkward or ashamed about exploring sexuality. If you’ve had sex without an orgasm, you’re definitely not alone. According to a 2017 survey by Dr. Ed, 68% of straight women have stated they have faked an orgasm, with 67% of bisexual women and 59% of gay women also admitting to faking it at least once.

We have always been taught what NOT to do when it comes to sex and to view sex primarily as an act of reproduction, but sex is an experience and it's pleasure-based. By no means should you feel awkward about exploring what pleasure means to you.

After all, the most important relationship we’ll ever have is the one we have with ourselves. How do you think you’ll have the best sex of your life if you don’t know what pleasures and excites you? In the words of the unapologetic sex goddess, Samantha Jones, “It’s better to be alone than fake it.”

Sex-ed has had an upgrade thanks to NORMAL. Instead of being taught what not to do, NORMAL is bringing you the grown-up sex education you wish you got when you were younger, for everyone aged 18 and above. Learning about your body and sexual wellness Georgia Grace, NORMAL’s in-house sex coach is bringing you an adult education that is easy, fun and informative.

Stigma-breaking sexual wellness Australian start-up NORMAL has released its first of a kind masterclass on sex education, for everyone aged 18 and over across the globe. Titled 'The Modern Guide to Sex', the course is designed to showcase what modern sex-ed should look like, addressing topics from the science of orgasms to building sexual confidence.

The Modern Guide to Sex covers topics related to pleasure, consent, relationships and sexual health, including understanding pleasure, the science of foreplay, arousal and orgasms, exploring V-on-V and P-on-P sex, plus much more amazing stigma-free and sexy subjects.

For a one-off payment of just $29 AUD, roughly £15, you can have access to all videos in the course, as well as a downloadable workbook with exercises, diagrams and health information to answer all of your big questions about sex.

So far, adults across 25 countries around the world have signed up for the masterclass, with glowing reviews. To celebrate, NORMAL is offering 30% off a toy to go with your course purchase, with the code TRYBOTH30.

Even better, NORMAL is also offering free access to students over 18 currently in university, college, or technical school. Just sign up here.

What are you waiting for? Discover the secrets to having great sex (alone or together) from certified sex coach Georgia Grace.

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