NIghtclub Gives Out Condoms To Freshers That Are ‘Not Intended For Use’. Erm…

Kasbah nightclub in Coventry says 'they are perfectly safe to use' despite not having a British Standards Kitemark.

NIghtclub Gives Out Condoms To Freshers That Are 'Not Intended For Use'. Erm...

by Jess Commons |
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There's a lot of things that freshers' week requires. A strong constitution, a direct line to a sympathetic parent, an endless supply of jacket potatoes and baked beans...

Oh, and condoms. Lots of condoms.

Because even if you're not having drunken fumbles with a fresher called Peter who's arrived at your university after leaving his hometown of Norwich precisely twice, one of your friends will be.

That's why Kasbah nightclub in Coventry made a massive error when they gave out Kasbah branded condoms that were 'not recommended for use'.

The club, which held a huge freshers party on Monday (which gave out free toast at the end of the night, amazing), posted on Facebook ahead of Freshers Week that they were giving out 'thousands of Kasbah Condoms' which came in their Freshers Packs. The nightclub encouraged punters to grab theirs 'to get yourself some Kasbah Lovin!'

The post is still up on their Facebook page despite it emerging that the condoms have no British Standards Kitemark, CE European Standards Mark. All of which Coventry's Sexual Health Service say should feature on a condom. The condoms in question also say 'not recommended for use'.

The club, for their part, claim they've done nothing wrong. 'We sourced the condoms from a reputable manufacturer and have the full certification that they are perfectly safe to use.' They said, adding that the 'not recommended for use' labelling was because they wanted freshers to 'keep them' as a memento.

'The Kasbah is very conscious of the important role we play in maintaining the safety of young people visiting our venue and would never do anything to put this at risk.' They told the Coventry Telegraph.

Let's hope they're right because, as of yet, the club have yet to put a statement to clubbers directly on their social media accounts about the condoms giving them any reassurance.

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