New Zealand Police Has Hired A Guinea Pig Officer

His mission: to remind people to drive safely. Of course.

New Zealand Police Adorable Guinea Pig Officer

by Pierangelly Del Rio |
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A new member has joined New Zealand’s police force. He’s furry and has tiny paws and whiskers; he’s constable Elliot, a guinea pig. Dressed in his black and white uniform, and wearing a cute and well fitted hat, the fuzzy officer it’s more then a cute face. While he might not be an official member, he still has a very important mission: to remind locals to drive safely.

In a Facebook post shared by New Zealand’s police, we can see the photogenic Elliot in full uniform along a caption which reads: ‘Did you know that a piggie’s top speed can be around 9km/hr? Not me, I have gone a bit overboard on the carbs lately and need to lighten up, so I go even slower. I am not too fast and that’s the way I like it – slow is safe!’

Officer Elliot also remembered the public to drive carefully around schools and keep children safe: ‘Keep this in mind when you are driving near any schools tomorrow. Remember people, the kids are going to be out and about walking and biking, and crossing roads. Like me, they are small and unpredictable, so you have to watch out!’

Since then, the post has been liked by 7.535 people and shared 1.744 times. Users were captivated by Elliot’s cuteness, and complimented the great idea of giving little Elliot such an important mission: “Just love this. You people are just geniuses and so special. Your heart is in everything you do for us. I feel just so humble reading all your posts. Bless you heaps.”

Some other users however, were concerned about Elliot’s well being, questioning whether this was animal abuse or not, to which the police responded:

'Elliot, is a well cared for family pet of one of our media team members. According to his human 'mum' he's pampered, and loves going on trips to explore new food supplies, which is what he was doing yesterday. He loves being patted and carried and can spend a while being cuddled on laps.'

Elliot, who is also a vegetarian, can be seen in several pictures enjoying his police duties.

Meanwhile, we are left wondering when will UK police force start hiring furry assistants…

Images courtesy of New Zealand Police

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