New Yorkers Can Now Divorce Via Facebook. Yep, Really!

Well *that* brings a new meaning to 'Facebook Official'

New Yorkers Can Now Divorce Via Facebook

by Tangwen Roberts |

Everyone’s used to the idea of making relationship statuses ‘Facebook Official’, but things have escalated now that one woman from New York has issued divorce papers to her husband over Facebook.

When they married in a civil ceremony in 2009 Victor Sena Blood-Dzrakumvia promised his wife, Ellanora Baidoo, a traditional Ghanaian ceremony. But now that he has not delivered, and has only contacted her over the phone and Facebook for the last six years, a judge has ruled that Ellanora can serve a court summons to her illusive husband via the social network’s messaging service.

Starting last week Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper has allowed Ellanora to send the summons to Victor once a week for three weeks, or until he responds. We’re not surprised that Mr Blood Dzrakumvia is yet to reply given that lawyer, Andrew Spinnell revealed that even a private detective was unable to find him.

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