New Year’s Resolutions You Will Actually Keep

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Come December 31, we find ourselves prepping at the prospect of a brand new year. It’s a chance to reinvent yourself, right?

We’ll pledge an unwritten oath to give up fast food, biting our nails and solemnly promise to join the gym and continue to attend even after January.

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But within days our willpower inevitably fails us. A post Christmas night out results in us waking up to a McDonald's bag on the pillow (at which point we declare defeat and guzzle coke in a desperate bid to hydrate).

And the gym? By March, we came to the conclusion that £35 a month is far too much and it would be financially wise to cancel the membership sooner rather than later…

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So instead of curating a list of Bridget Jones style resolutions, keep this year's promises small and specific. Opt for monthly resolutions and you're much more likely to stick to them. Take a look at ten of our suggestions ahead of 2017...

Visit somewhere you’ve never been before

Whether you never got around to planning your 'gap yah' post university or life got in the way of 2016's holiday plans, make it one of your goals to discover a new destination in 2017.

Read a new book every month

Working 9-5, squeezing in a social life and a pesky spin class every Tuesday evening, can make it impossible to enjoy an hour or two wrapped up in a book. Let's be honest, the cramped morning commute barely allows reading space.

But setting yourself the challenge of reading a new book every month will widen your knowledge, interests and conversation starter repertoire. And yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to hide 50 Shades Of Grey beneath a Wuthering Heights cover. We won't judge you.

Learn to cook a new dish every month

Avocado on toast unfortunately doesn’t cut it anymore. Invest in some cookbooks or even take up a cookery class with your friends. Just think, it’s the perfect opportunity to use that spiralizer your mum bought you last Christmas. Now, the only problem is figuring out what you actually use it for...

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Whether you can volunteer for an hour a week or an hour a month, it doesn’t matter. Helping others within your local community will not only help you meet people from different walks of life but will also give you the opportunity to gain skills, life-long friends and a truly rewarding experience.

Take a break from social media

Preferably take a longer digital detox than Kendall Jenner’s two-day hiatus. Think how much more time you will have to be productive when you’re not six weeks deep in your ex-boyfriend’s sister’s Majorca 2010 album...

Study a course

Whether you never got around to applying for a Masters in Art History or you wish to learn a second language (you know, for your 2017 travels), taking an evening class will not only teach you new skills but can bring the possibility of a newfound social life with like-minded people.

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Forgive someone

The New Year is a chance for new beginnings so leave grudges in 2016. Take the time to listen and forgive others. See 2017 as an opportunity to leave the past behind.

Remove someone negative from your life

Whether this translates to deleting a friend from Facebook or blocking their number, removing someone negative from your life will allow you to move on in a positive direction in 2017.

New year, new wardrobe

So, you raided the Boxing Day sales. You're left with mountains of clothes you considered a bargain but would otherwise have never considered at full price. But you let yourself off because you technically made a profit, right?

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If looking through your wardrobe leaves you racking up a huge credit card bill then take 2017 as an opportunity to curate a whole new wardrobe. Set yourself some rules. Pledge a fashion oath to donate anything you haven't worn in over a year to charity. Or, write down the essential purchases per month. Do you really need four coats in January?

Do something that scares you

Whether it's skydiving or calling a distant relative to thank them for your Christmas presents, try and do something that scares you once a month. After all, they say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone...

Happy New Year!

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