The New Way People Will Be Remembering The Victims Of Grenfell

The government is making sure the survivors play a key role in the final decision

The New Way People Will Be Remembering The Victims Of Grenfell

by Phoebe Parke |
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It’s been over eight months since a fire broke out at Grenfell Tower in Kensington, killing at least 71 people.

The local community and high-profile figures including Stormzy have been calling the government out for its lack of action since the fire, asking where the money for the Grenfell survivors is, and for details of the investigation into what happened at the tower block.

Now, Kensington and Chelsea council has announced that the site will likely be turned into a memorial, but that the local community – defined clearly as bereaved families as well as those who live in the area - will have the final say when it comes to deciding on future plans for the space.

A publicly available government document explains more about the plans for the site, stating that the bereaved families’ opinions will have the most sway.

‘As part of the Process, the Community will lead decision-making on what happens to the Grenfell Tower Site in the Future, with the voice of the bereaved carrying the most weight,’ the document states.

‘Kensington and Chelsea council, supported by the government, clearly state that they have no plans for the site and that the future of the site will be determined by the community.’

This is welcome news to survivors who have been worried about what will happen to the site, according to the Guardian.

Shahin Sadafi, the chair of the survivors’ group Grenfell United, said: ‘We are pleased that eight months on from the fire we finally have agreement that the bereaved, survivors and community will be at the heart of deciding the legacy of the site.’

‘We hope working together to create a fitting memorial will be part of a healing process for everyone affected.’

Some residents have also been campaigning for Latimer Road tube station to be renamed Grenfell, and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan revealed in an interview with LBC that this is a real possibility.

'It’s really important that we remember the awful fire, but also those fantastic residents that campaigned so hard since the fire to make sure that justice is done,' he told LBC radio.

'When I was speaking to the family members, what was clear to me was their passion and their keenness to have a fitting tribute.'

'The idea they had - and of course, we'll consult others - is to rename the station Grenfell. It's important we listen to local residents.'

As happy as residents and Grenfell United chair Shahin Sadafi are, there are still questions around the inquiry into what happened at Grenfell that need to be answered.

‘The government and Kensington and Chelsea council have treated this issue with dignity and respect,' Sadafi said. 'We can only hope the government applies the same seriousness to our need for truth and justice at the inquiry, this includes listening to our requests for changes to ensure a thorough inquiry.'

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