Tube Map Compares Rent Prices Across London- And It’s Not Pretty

Spoiler: Everywhere is expensive

New Tube Map Compares Rent Prices Across London- And It’s Not Pretty

by Megan Sutton |
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Whether you live there currently, want to move there soon, or just generally realised that the cost of living in the capital is obscenely high, rent prices in London are a problem.

It’s no secret that London’s property market is disproportionately expensive in comparison with the rest of the UK. New statistics show that house prices are about 75% more expensive in the English capital than Glasgow.

This means that people who can just about afford to live in London are surviving on a diet of 90% beans on toast (10% alcohol) in order to pay their massively high rent. Even more worrying is the fact that only the richest can afford to do even that, causing what is being described as the gentrification of the city. In other words, poorer people are being excluded from even considering a life in London.

To illustrate the point, cue an alternative tube map, published by Thrillist, revealing which areas of London are the most and least expensive to rent in.


The map is based on data from property company Find Properly, and shows the median price for four weeks living in a one-bedroom place within 1km of the nearest tube station.

Unsurprisingly, tourist areas like Oxford Circus have an eye-wateringly high monthly price-tag of £2,260 and famously affluent areas like South Kensington are almost as costly, with an average rent of £2,080.

But posh parts aside, literally everywhere is expensive. See for yourself by viewing a full version of the map here. But before you do, prepare to be depressed.

We’ll just be adding another seven cans of supermarket value beans to our weekly shopping list, then.

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