The New Emojis Have Launched, To Mixed Reactions (And There Are No Ginger People)

Someone’s already started a about the lack of gingers, but hey, guys, you can change the ethnicities of the people in the bath!

The New Emojis Have Launched, To Mixed Reactions (And There Are No Ginger People)

by Stevie Martin |

Guys, if you update your iPhone right now, you’ll get a whole host of new racially and sexually diverse emojis. And new flags. Yep, it’s finally happened and while it’s all very exciting (a family with two mums! A single-parent family with one mum! A family comprised entirely of mums! OK, not the last one) Twitter and other corners of the internet are pointing out that there are still omissions. Presumably, these are yet to come, because why are there still eight different phases of the moon but no cheese emoji? Also, where are the gingers and the middle fingers?

On the plus side, though, you can now hold your finger down on any face and transform it into ethnicities - which is great, and begs the question, ‘Hey, why didn’t you do this before now?’ Also, note that the neutral tone is a Simpsons-esque yellow, which has caused a bit of consternation among the Asian community, but Apple have confirmed that this isn’t intended to look Asian, but to be a neutral colour. They should have made them sky blue, tbh.


You can even change the ethnicities of the people on the bike and in the bath, which is obviously excellent.

Look at all the different types of families you can get, provided you don’t have more than two children, yeah? Don’t want you overpopulating the world. But, seriously, good work.


Oh look! New flags! Finally you can send relevant flags to your loved ones. God bless us all.

The ‘frequently used’ section is also bigger which is genuinely very helpful. Thanks, Apple.

Tragically, for ginger people, the emoji keyboard still remains a barren landscape of emptiness.

Someone’s actually started a, because the struggle is real and if you can have loads of round coloured dots – why can’t you have someone with ginger hair?

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