These Are The New Diverse Emojis You’ll Get With The iOS 10 Update

Kudos to Apple for this emoji update

These Are The New Diverse Emojis You’ll Get With The iOS 10 Update

by Alyss Bowen |
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Get ready to update your iPhone, because more than a hundred new redesigned emojis will soon be added to the mix. Along with the new iOS 10 update, iPhone and iPad users will be able to chose from a wide range of new emojis, such as the redesigned athletes – yes we’re talking about a female runner and female professionals.


The runner basically looks like me when I go for a jog. Toned, tanned and extremely strong. I’m kidding, obviously. I look like a mole rat when I run, if I ever do actually run. A number of new female versions of the previously male-only characters will soon be available, including a swimmer, surfer, detective and police office. #GirlPower. There will also be male versions of our favorites – the dancer, haircuts and head massaging. A new rainbow flag will be available, showing Apple's support for same-sex marriage, and the gun emoji will be replaced with a water pistol. All in all the new gender-diverse emoji keyboard is looking pretty great, way to bring things into 2016, Apple.

Aswell as the new emoji keyboard revamp, a new QuickType word suggestion bar will suggest an emoji based on the word you’re typing. An emojify feature will also be a thing, which, in simple terms, means when you switch to the emoji keyboard, iOS will highlight words so you can tap on them and like magic replace them with an emoji. Is this the end of annoyingly scrolling through the emoji keyboard looking for the egg in a frying pan for hours on end? I think it might be. Prayers have been answered, merci Apple.

The update isn’t available yet, because Apple obviously like to make us all wait eagerly. Developers will receive it first, but wait patiently guys – we’ll keep you posted on when you can get your hands on these new features, promise.

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