New App Drunk Locker Stops You Facebooking When Wasted And Is Basically Genius

Guys, it's finally here and it's going to change your (drunken) life


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After a night mainlining alcohol, there's a new wave of guilt that slams into your poor, fragile head when your alarm goes off (or doesn't, because you were too drunk to set it) – social media fear. Did you send a load of ranty Tweets @ing the bar you were in because they charged you way more for Jagerbombs than you think necessary? Did you drunkenly like every single photo that slightly fit guy in the office who you've never spoken to has ever Instagrammed? Did you post on your own Facebook wall by accident?

No more.

New app Drunk Locker has swooped in and saved the day – it shuts down your access to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and, crucially, Facebook Messenger) for a specified time period that you set while you're sober and anticipating a night out. Plus, you can pick and choose which social media app to disable depending on your past history of nigh-on criminal(ly awkward) activity.

For example, I'd keep Instagram because I only posted a selfie up my own nose with the hashtag #sofit once, but I'd disable Twitter because I have a habit of Tweeting really disturbing things after a bottle of wine. Also, I post links on people's Facebook walls with one eye open and am still haunted by the fact there are about six really shit YouTube videos on various friend's feeds from Friday night that nobody has liked or commented on, and I can't take them down because I can't possibly show that I care. So Facebook would have to go, too.

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Setting a time limit on how long you're locked out for is also genius – once your Twitter kicks into action at 6am, you'll be asleep and free of potential humiliation. Or you can just do it for a few hours while you're actually partying, if you're the sort of (great) person who uploads 40 blurry photos to their Instagram profile over the space of an hour after four pints. Basically, it's the app that is tailored to you and your personal embarrassment cycles, and you can't change your mind – once you've told Drunk Locker to keep you out for the next six hours, that's it. No amount of drunken sneakiness is going to let you Tweet, babe.

Sorry iPhone users, this is only available on Android right now but its popularity (and 4.8 out of 5 star user rating) will no doubt ensure that Apple snap it up at some point. In the meantime, check out Social Lock which poses an array of sober-testing puzzles which, if you fail, will result in you getting locked out of Facebook.

But let's be honest, you could just use your laptop...

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