New App Alerts Sex Workers and Prostitutes Of Violent Clients

Genius new app allows sex workers to crowdsource reviews and vet potentially violent clients


by Stevie Martin |
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Ugly Mugs is a new app promoting sex worker safety, by crowdsourcing reviews from other users to warn of clients who have a history of violence or unacceptable behaviour. While it’s currently on Android, it’s about to come to iPhone – which will see its popularity explode, reports The Metro.

Reason Digital created the app – which allows people to share reports about kidnappings, rape and sexual assault – allowing women to look up clients and see whether they’re likely to cause trouble, then take the necessary precautions.

The genius part is that it’s black-screened, which means the phones won’t light up users’ faces when they’re checking out potentially dodgy clients, and there’s an automatic alert if they’re contacted by a number registered as an alleged attacker.

The app is basically a massive help for those working the streets, as when they report violent crime, the police often arrest them for prostitution. So, until this app, they were pretty much on their own. A scary prospect, when your job is dealing with strange men at night.

‘We’re interested in how you can use technology to make people happier, healthier, safer – especially those who often get left behind,’ says Matt Haworth, the co-founder. ‘Tech is about so much more than just buying more crap off Amazon.’

Amen to that.

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